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The Dentist DIRECT Solution

Partnering with Dentist DIRECT gives dentists a chance to work with an insurance plan that considers the provider, member, and payer as partners in delivering excellent dental care. With Dentist DIRECT you can expect that:

  • Providers are able to participate in a plan that works directly with them one on one to deliver quality care at a competitive price.
  • Patients and their providers are placed back in control of their dental care.
  • Providers are able to benefit from competitive fee schedules and see more of every premium dollar.
  • Claims are paid with 98%+ accuracy
  • 95%+ of claims are paid within 14 days (date of claim receipt to date check is mailed to provider)
  • 98%+ of provider phone calls are answered by a well-trained representative within 25 seconds

Dentist DIRECT thrives on a positive relationship with dental providers. With providers driving this plan, they can once again focus upon what they do best, providing quality dental care to their valued patients.

Just a few reasons why Dentist DIRECT is the dental plan dentists recommend.