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Employers, did you know you could manage your employees’ dental and vision benefits online?

Remote Group Management - Login

Dentist DIRECT offers an online portal called the Remote Group Management site for employers to manage their employee’s benefits to access click here. Once online you can: view employee’s information, enroll new employees, and change or terminate existing employee’s coverage. Each change is then sent to us to review and add to our system.  It will save you time sending in forms and give you up to date access to your company’s enrollment information. Please let us know if you would like your company’s log in information to simplify and expand your employee benefits management abilities.

Managing employee information is easy. Here are step by step instructions for the most common enrollment needs.

For New Employees:

Select the New Enrollment tab

  • Choose the employees unit from the drop down menu
  • Enter in the employees information
  • Select their elected dental and vision options and set an effective date
  • Enter in any dependent’s information
  • Click submit and you are done. *No need to scan and mail in any forms!*

Existing Employee Changes

  • All existing employees can be found under the Employee tab.
  • You can then choose an employee by clicking on their name from the list or search by their social security number, name, date of birth or unit.
  • Once you select an employee you can view their information and make changes. Changes are simple, just type in the new information into the applicable section and click “Submit Change Request”.
  • Dependent changes can also be made by selecting the dependent from the list on the employee details screen.

Terminating an Employee’s Coverage

  • After choosing the employee from the list, select Term Employee on the bottom of the employee details screen,
  • Fill in the termination dates and select an termination event type
  • Then click “Submit Termination Request”

If you have any questions about how to use the Remote Group Manager, please contact us we are more than happy to assist you.

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