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Summit Co-pay Plans

Some of the Important Benefits Included in Our Summit Co-pay Plans:

Routine exams, cleaning, fluoride and x-rays

  • 100% – (See Co-pay Schedule provided with proposal)
  • No waiting period

Simple Extractions, Fillings, etc.

  • Up to 70% – (See Co-pay Schedule provided with proposal)
  • No waiting period

Crowns, bridges, oral surgery, dentures, and periodontics, implants

  • Up to 40% – (See Co-pay Schedule provided with proposal)
  • No waiting period
Deductible / Co-pay
  • No Deductible
  • Some plans may have a $15 Co-pay at each visit. See proposal for details

Adults and Children

  • Discount In-Network Only – (Approximately 20% Discount)
  • No waiting period
Annual Maximum Carryover Benefit
  • Only applies to co-pay plans that have an annual maximum. Allows members to ‘carry-over’ a portion of their unused annual maximum. Accrues from year to year and can increase maximum benefit to as high as $3,500 per person.
  • Even though many co-pay plans only offer discounts at Specialists, our plans allow for plan payments to be made to both Generalists and Specialists. Make sure you look at how other co-pay plans pay specialists. Many of them exclude this important (and expensive) category or only offer discounts.
Annual Maximum Benefit
  • Some plans have no annual limit. Others have flexible limits – up to $2,000 (or more). See proposal for details.

Contracted Fee – This term is the negotiated and exclusive rate that has been agreed to by Dentist Direct Dental Plans and participating In-Network dentists.

Co-pay schedule provided with a proposal. Multiple reimbursement levels available.

To Obtain a Quote: Call 1-866-MY-MOLAR (1-866-696-6527)